General Terms of Business

Work will only be carried out after a confirmation of order has been signed.
This applies to all of the following areas of work:


A change of dates is no longer possible after a contract has been concluded for Interpreting work.
A maximum of 5 hours work per day is possible. Payment is at the full daily rate
. All costs incurred in connection with the interpreting work are to be borne by the client. The sum of 50% of the interpreting work is to be paid to the Language and Translation Service on conclusion of the contract. Should the contract then be cancelled, this 50% deposit will be retained as compensation for the hours of work thus lost. The remaining 50% is to be paid in cash on the day on which the contract is fulfilled. A special rate applies for interpreting at negotiations. Special agreements are made for advisory work  in the personnel and intercultural field as well as for proof-reading of translated texts.

* Price information only availabe by phone.



The price for a translation is calculated per line, and is dependent on the language (EU or non-EU). One line consists of 50 characters, including spaces. Repetitions of words/sections are also inlcluded in the calculation of the total cost. The invoice is to be settled by the customer on receipt of the translation. Specialist and non specialist translations, as well as combinations of foreign languages are subject to separate price calculations.The price for authentications is calculated per page, and supplementary charges for express translations are dependent on the requested deadline. Prices do not include VAT.

* Price information only availabe by phone.


Online language course

One lesson lasts 45 minutes; the date and time must be fixed by telephone. The lesson fees for the complete month must be transferred four weeks in advance. The costs for the online connection are to be borne by the student. Students will be charged the full price for all lessons not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.

* Price information only availabe by phone.

Our online sessions will only be held on the arranged dates.

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